ETB Scholder

About us

ETB Scholder is registered with the Chamber of Commerse in Amsterdam, NL under number 34091389.

ETB Scholder was founded in 1995.
Initially, the company was involved in Industrial Electronics as well as the Electronic Design of equipment for oceanographic research.
The mechanical design and building of this equipment was done by another company.
Next to Electronic Design the company was involved in Mobile Communication, mainly for closed group networks.

As from 1999 ETB Scholder has been run as a full-time company.
We have since then been involved in the design and build of GSM mobile telephone networks.
We have been involved in designing the Radio Coverage, using several planning tools often used in the Industry, site design and managing the contractors building the sites.
I have also done drive testing for GSM networks, including GSM coverage in trains.
More information about the company, and about projects our company has been involved in, on other pages.

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