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NO!... We at ETB Scholder do NOT send any spam!

However, we would not be surprized if spammers would also be using (forged) e-mail addresses on our domains to send out spam.
Be sure that addresses like sales, webmaster and info, are not used by us in any way.

Unfortunately, legislation in a lot of countries is not prohibiting sending of unsollicited e-mail; spam.
Spam is the cancer on the Internet, stealing resources from ISP's and e-mail recipients.

We urge all governements to issue tough legislation forbidding sending of unsollicited e-mail (spam, UCE),
but then in that same law, also to put very high fines to even imprisonment on breaking this law.

We might use an autoresponder on some e-mail addresses.
So, if you have received such an autoresponder message, your e-mail address may have been used by spammers to send out mail.
Unfortunately this is out of our control.

If the spam is from a Dutch origin, you can post a complaint at the OPTA site (Dutch).

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